RAMEN GAIJIN Khom Loi Pop Up #1

Sarah Wardell

Date: October 3, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm  to  10:00 pm

khom loi 1 khom loi 2Our friends in Sebastopol are coming to Bergamot to present a night of Khom Loi- a pop up dedicated to the culinary wonders of Northern Thailand. Check out the menu below and get mentally in line. We anticipate a queue down the street for this food flurry so we are planning ahead to take orders with ease and allow orders to rotate so that everyone gets the bite and the seat they want. Pop Up opens at 5p and goes till the food runs out or 10pm, whichever happens first. See you October 3rd!
PS: If you can’t come on the 3rd, no worries, we’re hostingĀ this Pop Up again Tuesday October 17
PPS: Northern Thai cuisine is spicy. Not just a little hot pepper spicy, but actually breathe through your mouth spicy. Be prepared to drink away the heat. Pairings will be offered with the menu options below:

MAKHEUXTHES SIĀ KHEIYW: Spicy green tomato & squid salad
Green Tomato / Monterey Squid / Chicharon / Shallot / Cilantro Roasted Peanut / Kung Haeng / Naam Plaa / Lime / Bird Chile

SOM TAM PLAH MUK: Thai spicy green papaya salad
Green Papaya / Braised Octopus / Pole Beans / Cherry Tomatoes / Kung Haeng / Cilantro / Roasted Peanuts / Lime / Naam Plaa

PLAA PAO LAT PHRIK: Grilled Rock Fish W/ Chiles & Tamarind
Grilled Chile Pepper Rockfish / Cilantro / Rau Ram /
Mint / Lat Phrik

SAI OUA KRATAY: Spicy Northern Thai Rabbit & Pork Sausage
Grilled Spicy Northern Thai Sausage / Kabocha Squash /
Little Gem Lettuce / Thai Pickles / Pole Beans / Cilantro /
Thai Basil / Naam Phrik Phao / Naam Jim

KHAO NIAW: Sticky Rice served as it would be in Thailand

Sarah WardellRAMEN GAIJIN Khom Loi Pop Up #1