THREE WEEK Tasting Series: Eastern Europe

Sarah Wardell

Date: Every Tuesday until February 6, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm  to  9:00 pm

TUESDAY JAN. 16 : The Adriatic to Aegean
From Slovenia and Croatia on down to Greece, a voyage through some of the hottest wines, and also historically important grapes, coming out of this corner of the world. Always a fun learning experience as the range of flavors and textures in these wines are endless.
TUESDAY JAN. 23rd : Deeper Shade of Orange
An in-depth look at skin contact whites and orange wines. From Georgia all the way to Italy, this unique category of wine still fascinates the mind and challenges the taste buds with new depths of complexity. To try a number of them side by side like this is a rare opportunity not to be missed.
TUESDAY JAN. 30th: Hungarian Rhapsody
Eric Danch from Blue Danube Wines joins us for yet another tour through the insanely beautiful winescape of Hungary. If you’ve had the opportunity  to witness this man wax poetic on his topic before, we will see you there. If not… better mark your calendars and book your seat ASAP.

Sarah WardellTHREE WEEK Tasting Series: Eastern Europe