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What we are working on: 

ITALIAN VARIETY CLUB:  Sign me up for the Gnews HERE.

Italian wine is our specialty, and Italy has the widest diversity of grape varieties in the world. What is there not to love with those two components?! With a dedicated focus on grape education, and selections of wine that show excellent varietal correctness, this is a Dream Club for those who want to learn (minus the classroom feeling). We will go in depth into Italian terroir, regional cultures, winemakers, and the communities and landscapes in which they work. Expect a heavy dose of learning shenanigans here. 

In addition to an awesome learning platform we are working hard to bring you the extraordinary: Educational Trips to Italy. This isn’t your Granny’s guided trip in a bus. We are creating the ideal itinerary for you wine loving Italophiles, fully focused on pairing up the perfect wineries, restaurants, B&B’s and specialized travel arrangements for each season. Sign up for Gnews if you’d like to participate. Really, who wouldn’t?

Thank you for signing up. No commitment, no spam, only a heads up when the Awesome Train pulls into the platform. 

We’ll be 100% virtual which means your membership account is too. Starting fall 2018 you will be able to manage your customized member account from your phone or your computer- all at the touch of a button. You can add bottles, refer friends for Big Perks, track wines you love, send gifts, and manage all the nuances of your account status, all with the click of your finger. In addition to this button touching ease, we are working hard to include the following Membership perks:

-Virtual Grape Variety Library : How well do you know Aglianico? Gaglioppo? Pelaverga? This digital interactive library will help you build a relationship with each grape variety and anticipate what is yet to come.

-Maps. Lots and lots of maps : What wineries are you in love with? What rivers feed the vineyards of Alto Piemonte? Where exactly is Matelica and why should you care? We’ll give you the 3D tour.

-Meet the Winemakers : We want to get personal with the folks that make our favorite wine. While you can’t shake their virtual hand you will get to know them through video, thoughtful biographies and details of their terroir. We’ll share how to make these otherwise impossible connections happen.

-Educational Video Library : monthly videos featuring the wines, grapes, and/or people behind the scenes. Lacrima. Valle d’Aosta. Ariana Occhipinti (a rockstar winemaker from Sicily). We think 2 minutes is just the right soundbite and visual stimulant to tickle your brain waves until the next installation.

-Events & Wine Camps : Bergamot is all about furthering your wine education. We’re currently working on bringing you an intensive 100 grape tasting, a Wine Education weekend in the woods, and a dynamic new format for our Seven % event. We promise none of these will be like anything you have ever experienced before.

Thank you for supporting our small, family owned business.

With love, from Kevin + Sarah Wardell


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